An Overview of the Slot Game Blobsters Clusterbuster

To begin off the evaluation, we typed the word “blobster” into Google just for kicks. Quite a few results showed up, one of which was a video game titled Blobster, developed by a Swedish firm named Divine Robot. Red Tiger’s Blobsters Clusterbuster is the third slot in the developer’s Clusterbuster series, and it remains to be seen whether anybody from Divine Robot would reply to the use of a similar phrase in the game after more than a decade. Slot machines are strange machines, so let’s see what happens. Meanwhile, if you’re curious in how the locals break up clusters, you’re welcome to drop by and observe.

As previously stated, Blobsters Clusterbuster is Red Tiger’s third such game, following in the footsteps of the appropriately named Dragons Clusterbuster and the leprechaun-themed Good Luck Clusterbuster. Based just on the title, Blobsters Clusterbuster seems to be the most ambiguous of the bunch. This one is space-themed and features chubby, googly-eyed creatures. There are a couple of possible Reactoonz allusions here, as this is also a cluster-paying grid spot. Games are played on a larger 9×9 grid with a 3×3 piece in the center known as the Clusterbuster or the UFO (both will be explained in further detail below). While trying to form winning clusters, players are treated to a stunning backdrop of whirling planets, gas, and stars.

This may be done on any device with a stake ranging from 10 pence to £10 or €10 each spin. When you press the start button, the grid will be filled with symbols, and you’ll win if you can get five of the same symbol to line up in a row or column. Winning clusters vanish, allowing symbols to cascade down from above and increase the chance of more wins on the same spin. Theoretical maximum returns may be calculated to be 95.7% from this technique.

Blobsters Clusterbuster’s winning symbols are cartoon characters and high playing card values. The low-value cards are the letters J through A, while the high-value aliens are the colors blue, green, red, and yellow. Clusters of five pay out at a rate of 0.1 to 1.5 times the wager, and those of 35 or more pay out at a rate of 20 to 250 times the wager.

Features of the Blobsters Clusterbuster Slot

At the start of Blobsters Clusterbuster, all three of the game’s modifier extras are disabled unless the player unlocks them. The lights around the 3×3 UFO in the screen’s center become green whenever a winning cluster lands near to it. When the alien ship’s lights are entirely green, a new function becomes available.

When Blobby, the guy in the spaceship, unlocks a new ability, he uses it on the next spin. Turning off the lights conserves energy for future spins at the same wager. When a feature is unlocked, it has a chance of activating on subsequent spins; when multiple features are unlocked, they may all activate on the same spin. If all the lights are green but one, Blobby could become angry and turn it on for you. The sequence and impact of the three qualifiers are as follows:

Blobby’s Upgrader can transform non-clustered, low-paying symbols into high-paying ones at random. In the base game, you could get 8 – 24 upgraded symbols, but in Invader Spins, you might get 11 – 31.

Frenzy: Blobby fires a barrage of anything from 5 to 20 symbols, turning all of them into wilds. Wilds are used as a replacement for non-paying symbols.

To activate Supersize, Blobby fires anywhere from two to four high-pay symbols at once, expanding them to 3×3 Super Symbols. If you have a Super Symbol, it’s worth 9 normal symbols.

A Spinning Invader

Once the three modifiers have been unlocked, 10 free Invader Spins will be given anytime all eight lights on the UFO are lit. The frequency with which modifiers are activated during free spins is enhanced. During the bonus spins, Blobby’s UFO can be activated up to three times with the lights on. With each trigger, you’ll receive an extra free spin. Additionally, activation 1 adds a global multiplier of x3, activation 2 of x7, and activation 3 of x12 to the round.

Judgment on the Blobsters Clusterbuster Slot

Red Tiger must have found a strategy that resonates with a sizable subset of the cluster pay/grid slot audience to have pushed for a third installment in the Clusterbuster series. When comparing the two, Blobsters Clusterbuster is more closer to Dragons Clusterbuster than it is to Good Luck Clusterbuster. The middle leprechaun slot was similar to Jammin’ Jars in that it had locked wilds and a progressive win multiplier during the main game but roaming wilds and a free spins bonus during the bonus round. In contrast, the Dragon game is revisited in Blobsters Clusterbuster.

However, there are distinctions, and they are not limited to the surface. Blobsters Clusterbuster’s unlockable features have been modified; the first feature now involves symbol upgrades rather than symbol removal, and the third feature now involves Super Symbols rather than multipliers. When Blobby’s UFO is activated during free spins, this time multipliers are added to the action of Blobsters Clusterbuster. In a game of swings and roundabouts, the Blobsters Clusterbuster gameplay combination has a higher winning potential than the Dragons Clusterbuster version, at 7,517 times the bet. However, this is significantly less than the previous leprechaun version.

Even because Blobsters Clusterbuster has a larger maximum victory than its predecessor, it doesn’t really take the series to new technical heights when compared to its predecessors. The effervescent extraterrestrial creature and the alterations it offers may be enough to convince fans to give busting another go, and it does not sully or hold back the Clusterbuster moniker in any way.

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