Is It Easy To Get A Job As An Electrical Engineer?

What is the highest paying electrical engineer jobs?

Top 5 Best Paying Related Electrical Engineer Jobs in the U.S.Job TitleAnnual SalaryWeekly PayPrincipal Electrical Engineer$128,796$2,477Lead Electrical Engineer$115,432$2,220Electrical Engineering Manager$115,198$2,215Senior Electrical Design Engineer$114,689$2,2061 more row.

What company hires electrical engineers?

Many companies need electrical engineers, but here are some of the top companies for electrical engineering degree graduates.Lockheed Martin. … Texas Instruments. … Intel. … Boeing. … Tesla. … IBM. … Google. … Apple.More items…•

Is Electrical Engineering hardest?

Electrical Engineering They use this skill set to work on and improve every set of electrical equipment there is. Students consider electrical engineering to be the toughest major mostly because of the abstract thinking involved.

Is an electrical engineering degree worth it?

Yes, it will take a couple more years, but at the end you should have more employment opportunities and hopefully a much higher income. If you enjoy math and physics, it may be a better career for you. Electrical engineering is not for everyone, so it is up to you to make the call. … If so, it may be a good fit.

How many years does it take to become an electrical engineer?

A four-year electrical engineering degree prepares students to design and analyze electrical systems. During the course of the degree, students will gain extensive understanding of electrical theory and hands-on experience with circuitry, mechanics, computer programming and thermodynamics.

What is the likelihood of receiving a job in electrical engineering?

Job Outlook Overall employment of electrical and electronics engineers is projected to grow 3 percent from 2019 to 2029, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Employment growth is expected to be tempered by slow growth or decline in some industries, such as manufacturing and utilities.

Is electrical engineering in demand?

Electrical engineers are in high demand in most major city centres in Canada. Due to the demand, most licensed electrical engineers will be able to command a starting salary in the $70,000 range in most Canadian markets. The one exception is in Quebec.

Which field in electrical engineer is best?

Here is a roundup of the top five careers you could pursue as a graduate in electrical engineering along with job type and job description.Principal Electrical Engineer. … Electrical Distribution Designer. … Aerospace Electrical Engineer. … Electrical Project Engineer. … Electrical Control Engineer.

Do Electrical Engineers travel a lot?

Electrical engineers specialize in areas such as power systems engineering or electrical equipment manufacturing. Most engineers work in office buildings, laboratories, or industrial plants. … Some engineers travel extensively to plants or worksites here and abroad. Many engineers work a standard 40-hour week.

What is the future of electrical engineering?

Job Outlook Overall employment of electrical and electronics engineers is projected to grow 2 percent from 2018 to 2028, slower than the average for all occupations. Employment growth is expected to be tempered by slow growth or decline in most manufacturing industries and in telecommunications.

How many hours do electrical engineers work?

A Day in the Life of an Electrical Engineer They spend about 40 hours per week at work, but they may work longer than this.

Is it easy to get a job as an engineer?

Finding a job opening in the engineering industry is the easy part. … The competition for these jobs is enormous. If you don’t have a 4.0 GPA, you won’t even make the first cut. The second issue is the increasing volume of foreign-educated engineers entering the market, willing to take lower salaries for more hours.

What skills do electrical engineers need?

Top 10 Skills Needed for a Job in Electrical EngineeringProblem-solving skills. Regardless of their discipline, engineers are, at their core, problem solvers. … Critical thinking skills. … Basic circuit knowledge. … Enthusiasm for learning. … Communication skills. … Organisational skills. … Numerical skills. … Creative thinking skills.More items…•

Which engineering has highest salary?

In terms of median pay and growth potential, these are the 10 highest paying engineering jobs to consider.Computer Hardware Engineer. … Aerospace Engineer. … Nuclear Engineer. … Systems Engineer. … Chemical Engineer. … Electrical Engineer. … Biomedical Engineer. … Environmental Engineer.More items…

What engineer gets paid the most?

Top 10 highest-paying engineering jobsPetroleum engineers. National average salary: $94,271 per year. … Electrical engineer. National average salary: $88,420 per year. … Computer engineer. National average salary: $86,086 per year. … Aeronautical engineer. … Chemical engineering. … Materials engineer. … Biomedical engineer. … Nuclear engineer.More items…•

What is the current salary of an electrical engineer?

How much does an Electrical Engineer make in Australia?CityAverage salaryElectrical Engineer in Sydney NSW 55 salaries$110,922 per yearElectrical Engineer in Melbourne VIC 22 salaries$95,149 per yearElectrical Engineer in Perth WA 20 salaries$116,162 per year2 more rows•Nov 30, 2020

Is it hard to find a job as an electrical engineer?

There is plenty of demand for electrical engineers, for a wide variety of jobs. The demand is expected to be high for as far ahead as anyone can see. A person who is well-educated and keeps abreast of technology, and who has a good work ethic, will probably always be able to get a job in this field.

Is Electrical Engineering a good career?

Is electrical engineering a good career? Yes. A lucrative career, electrical engineering offers high wages; electrical and electronics engineers make a median annual salary of more than $100,000.

How do I get a job as an electrical engineer?

InstructionsContact electrical engineering firms in your area. … Contact your college or university to see if they know of any employment leads. … Look at electrical engineering websites and any other engineering related website. … Get a headhunter to help with the search.More items…•

What are the pros and cons of being an electrical engineer?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electrical EngineeringAdvantages and Disadvantages of Electrical Engineering. Pay Grade. Verity of Fields. Career Opportunities. Skills. Job Opportunities. Respect and Recognition. Stress. Risks Involved. Pay Based on the Level of Education. Requires a High Level of Knowledge.Conclusion.

What is the hourly wage of a electrical engineer?

$41.93 an hourAs of Dec 25, 2020, the average hourly pay for an Electrical Engineer in the United States is $41.93 an hour.