Question: Can I Be Fired For Not Crossing A Picket Line?

What happens if you cross a picket line?

Many courts have held that unions have the power to discipline their members.

This discipline can include imposing a significant fine upon and then suing you to enforce the payment of the fine.

If you wish to avoid consequences like that, you cannot remain a member of the union and cross the picket line..

Can I strike if I’m not in a union?

A strike, go-slow, working to rule or walk-out are all forms of industrial action. If you are not a union member, you cannot go on strike.

What do you call someone who crosses a picket line?

A strikebreaker (sometimes derogatorily called a scab, blackleg, or knobstick) is a person who works despite an ongoing strike. … “Strikebreakers” may also refer to workers (union members or not) who cross picket lines to work.

Still, the right to picket is not unfettered. It is governed both by rules of civil law and criminal law. The civil law recognizes that striking workers and unions may wish to communicate their grievances and issues or other messages to persons attending at or near the employer’s premises.

Can you lose your job for striking?

A strike that violates a no-strike provision of a contract is not protected by the Act, and the striking employees can be discharged or otherwise disciplined, unless the strike is called to protest certain kinds of unfair labor practices committed by the employer.

Can you be forced to cross a picket line?

Where picketing takes place, employees not directly involved in the industrial action may refuse to cross picket lines. Such employees can normally be regarded as being on strike and treated accordingly. … However, the pickets themselves must be in dispute with their own employer.

It’s legal to do pickets. Workers who belong to the trade union and who have a trade dispute with their employer have the right to picket at or near their place of work. … The purpose of picketing is to publicize the worker’s dispute with their employer who are not directly involved and to the public.

What does it mean to not cross a picket line?

Your decision is a matter of ethics and loyalty. Honoring a picket line shows your support for the picketing workers, their union, and the labor movement as a whole. Refusing to cross a picket line tells the employer that unless they end their dispute with the employees there will be no business as usual.

Can I be fired for not crossing a picket line UK?

It is unlawful for a union to discipline a member for crossing a picket line. or unemployed members who have lost their jobs for reasons connected with the dispute (e.g. members made redundant). Trade union officials or NEC members may also join picket lines.

Do I have to picket when on strike?

The Union constitution provides for fines and/or assessments to be levied against any union member that either crosses the picket line or refuses to take part in strike activities. Crossing the picket line or failure to participate in the strike will result in loss of union seniority.

Who Cannot go on strike?

The NLRA doesn’t cover certain transportation workers, agricultural laborers, or public employees. Government employees — state, local, and federal — do not have a right to strike under the federal law. That said, eight states allow most government employees to strike.

Do I get paid if I go on strike?

You do not have to pay employees who are on strike. If workers take action short of a strike, and refuse to carry out part of their contractual work, this is called ‘partial performance’. … if they do not fulfil the terms of their employment contract, you do not have to pay them.