Question: Has Anyone Hit 5 Home Runs In A Game?

How many players have 3000 hits and 400 home runs?

Babe Ruth and Barry Bonds are in this group, along with Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle, and Mike Schmidt.

The five players to amass 3000 hits and 500 home runs include Hall of Famers Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and Eddie Murray..

What is the most grand slams in one game?

Players with two grand slams in a game While Fernando Tatis remains the only big leaguer to hit two grand slams in an inning, 12 other players have also clubbed a pair of slams in a game.

What is the hardest park to hit a homerun in?

Here are the 10 toughest places to hit a home run.PNC Park, Pittsburgh. … Angel Stadium, Anaheim. … Safeco Field, Seattle. … Tropicana Field, Tampa Bay. … Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles. … Citi Field, New York. … Marlins Park, Miami. Mark Brown/Getty Images. … Coliseum, Oakland. Daniel Shirey/Getty Images.More items…•

Who hit 3 homeruns in one game?

Babe RuthOn September 25, 2001, Richie Sexson and Jeromy Burnitz both hit three home runs for the Milwaukee Brewers in a game against the Arizona Diamondbacks….Through 1940.DateMay 25, 1935PlayerBabe RuthTeamBoston Braves, NLHome/AwayA66 more columns

Has there ever been 2 grand slams in one game?

Hitting two grand slam in one game is a rare feat accomplished by thirteen players, the last being Josh Willingham of the Washington Nationals on July 27, 2009. On April 23, 1999, Fernando Tatis of the St. Louis Cardinals did it in one inning (the third).

What is longest home run ever hit?

In 1987, Joey Meyer of the Denver Zephyrs hit the longest verifiable home run in professional baseball history. The home run was measured at a distance of 582 feet (177 m) and was hit inside Denver’s Mile High Stadium.

What is the easiest stadium to hit a homerun?

Coors Field, Colorado. 10 of 10.U.S. Cellular Field, Chicago. 9 of 10. … Great American Ballpark, Cincinnati. 8 of 10. … Camden Yards, Baltimore. 7 of 10. … Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas. 6 of 10. … Yankee Stadium, Bronx, New York City. 5 of 10. … Miller Park, Milwaukee. 4 of 10. … Chase Field, Phoenix. 3 of 10. … More items…

Has anyone hit 4 home runs in a game?

Yes, FOUR! Surprisingly, only one New York Yankee (Lou Gehrig) and no Boston Red Sox (Boston’s Bobby Lowe was a Beaneater) has reached this pinnacle. … Five-of-the-seventeen men to hit four home runs in a game are in the Hall of Fame (Lou Gehrig, Ed Delahanty, Willie Mays, Chuck Klein, and Mike Schmidt).

What’s the most consecutive home runs in a game?

The major league record for the most consecutive games in which a home run has been hit by a player is eight (held by Ken Griffey Jr., Dale Long, and Don Mattingly)….Four home runs in one game[edit]PlayerShawn GreenTeamLos Angeles DodgersOpponentMilwaukee BrewersScore16-3Notesalso hit a single and a double17 more columns•Dec 12, 2020

Has anyone hit 6 home runs in a game?

The record for most home runs in a single game is eight, held by Jay “Nig” Clarke for Corsicana of the Texas League on June 15, 1902. Five home runs in a game has been achieved four times: Pete Schneider (1923), Lou Frierson (1934), Cecil Dunn (1936) and Dick Lane (1948).

Who was the last player to hit 4 homeruns in a game?

Shawn Green (left) was one of two players to hit four home runs in a game in May 2002. Green also hit a double and a single in the game for 19 total bases, an MLB record. J. D. Martinez (right) is the most recent MLB player to hit four home runs in a game.

Who is the all time grand slam leader?

Alex RodriguezThe all-time leaders in grand slams is Alex Rodriguez with 25 in his career, spent entirely in the American League, two more than Lou Gehrig, who also only played in the junior circuit. Willie McCovey is the National League leader with 18.

Who is the fastest player to reach 3000 hits?

Tony GwynnTony Gwynn was the fastest player in National League history to hit the 3,000 mark; he reached the mark in his 2,284th game.

How many players hit 700 home runs?

3 playersThere are currently only 3 players in MLB history who have hit 700 homers in their career (as of 2015). No player has ever hit 800 career home runs. Barry Bonds is currently the all-time leader with 762 home runs over his career. On July 13th, 1934, Babe Ruth became the charter member of the 700 home run club.

What is the shortest home run in MLB history?

Andy OylerShortest Home Run Ever Hit Playing for a minor league team called the Minnesota Millers back in 1900, Andy Oyler hit the shortest home run in the history of the entire world. The home run traveled only 24 inches—that’s right, two feet!

Has anyone hit a homerun in every ballpark?

The Boston Red Sox’s ballpark is the only American League stadium in which Trout has not homered. He has at least four home runs at every other AL park. … The Angels start a three-game series in Boston on Tuesday. The last time the teams met, in Anaheim in April, the Red Sox swept three straight by the score of 27-3.

Who hit two grand slams in one game?

It occurred on April 23, 1999 when third baseman Fernando Tatis hit a pair off Chan Ho Park of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the third inning of a game eventually won by the Cardinals 12-5.

How many players have hit for the cycle?

Cycles are semi-rare in Major League Baseball (MLB), having occurred only 330 times, starting with Curry Foley in 1882. The most recent cycle was accomplished by Cavan Biggio of the Toronto Blue Jays on September 17, 2019, against the Baltimore Orioles.