Question: Where Is The Miner Forbidden Oasis?

Are shards worth it Dragon Age?

are they worth collecting.

That depends.

If you don’t mind collecting all the shards, you’ll get some decent rewards and some lore for your efforts.

If you don’t like collection quests in general, you’ll probably find that this particular quest is too drawn out to make it worth the rewards you get..

How do you get the shards in Forbidden Oasis?

Way to unlock: Automatically, after you interact with any Ocularum. You can obtain this quest after you interact with any Ocularum in The Forbidden Oasis (M8,3). Each time, you need to use an Ocularum to locate Shard after which you reach those shards.

How many shards do I need for Forbidden Oasis?

six shardsSpeak to Scout Harding once you arrive in the Forbidden Oasis to begin this quest. To enter the Solasan at the end of the quest, you need to have found at least six shards in total. Once that’s done, head north from the starting camp until you reach the Intrinsic Pool, then continue to the east.

What are the shards in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Shards is a collection in Dragon Age: Inquisition. The Tevinter Oculara reveal mysterious shards scattered across the Imperium’s former colonies. The purpose of these shards may prove important — or, at the very least, profitable.

Where are the dragons located in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Collection DragonsFereldan Frostback – The Hinterlands (level 12)Northern Hunter – Crestwood (level 13)Abyssal High Dragon – The Western Approach (level 14)Gamordan Stormrider – Exalted Plains (level 15)Greater Mistral – Emerald Graves (level 17)Hivernal – Emprise Du Lion (level 19)More items…

What level should I be for exalted Plains?

AreasArea NameEnemy LevelsMetals/StoneStorm Coast7 – 15Iron Serpentstone Summer StoneThe Fallow Mire8 – 15Summer Stone Blue VitriolForbidden Oasis8 – 20Paragon’s Luster SerpentstoneExalted Plains11 – 16Everite Obsidian Lazurite Veridium9 more rows•Jan 12, 2015

What is the max level Dragon Age Inquisition?

27In Dragon Age: Inquisition, the maximum level for player-controlled characters is 27, which is reached at 791,384 experience points.

Are there shards in Crestwood?

Note – In Crestwood, there are no ocularums (which means that there also are no shards here).

Where is the miner in Forbidden Oasis?

In The Forbidden Oasis, you can find a Miner. There is no specific spot in which to find him, he is somewhere around the map. You can find him by keeping an eye out for an exclamation mark icon on the map, which changes its positions. After a conversation, you learn that the miner lost his ring.

What It’s Worth Dragon Age miner location?

the Forbidden OasisAcquisition. Obtained by speaking with the miner wandering around the Forbidden Oasis.

Is there a dragon in Forbidden Oasis?

User Info: IrishSpectre_N7. There isn’t, and no you haven’t.

Can you open all the doors in the Forbidden Oasis?

Re: Forbidden Oasis, Solasan unable to open door (PC) Bugged? Yes, you can open all doors in the same game.