Quick Answer: Can U Get Scammed On Mercari?

Can Mercari keep your money?

Funds are placed on hold for the sale of prohibited items such as counterfeit items.

If your funds are on hold, we either suspect or have confirmed that you sold prohibited items (for example, counterfeit items).

Per our Terms of Service , funds may be held for up to 180 days to cover potential chargebacks..

What happens if seller doesn’t ship in 3 days Mercari?

If the item hasn’t shipped and they haven’t responded within 3 days, you can request a cancellation on the item’s Order Status page. Once the order has been cancelled you will receive a full refund in the original form of payment.

Why did Mercari closed my account?

Why was my account limited or closed? – Mercari: The Selling App. There are a number of activities which may result in a limitation on your account or cause an account closure, including: Listing or selling Prohibited Items. Engaging in Prohibited Conduct.

How do I dispute a rating on Mercari?

Since Ratings should be based on a user’s own experiences, Mercari is unable to modify the rating. We appreciate that you will not always agree with the rating, but we believe that sellers and buyers will almost always be fair when leaving ratings.

Is buying from Mercari safe?

Mercari itself is a completely legitimate and reliable e-commerce marketplace. Both sellers and buyers are real people, and they aren’t retailers, which means that there is no guarantee that the people buying and selling on it are legitimate. So you need to be assured about the seller as well as a buyer when dealing.

Is Mercari or Ebay better?

Mercari is easier overall. However, the reach is not as big, and people expect to find used items, so things that I want more of a collector price on, or are new and I want retail, I list on ebay too. Ebay buyers pay more for certain niches, less in others. Well, for one, eBay has a much bigger customer base.

Is it better to ship yourself on Mercari?

Some people opt to do the Ship Your Own option on Mercari because it can often be cheaper. If you go with this option you will need to offer free shipping and then get a shipping label yourself. … Pirate Ship is a website where you can get commercial USPS rates and save a good amount of money most of the time.

Is Etsy or Mercari better?

use ETSY. If you want protection as a buyer for the item you are buying, use Mercari. If you want more of a selection of items to search and you want fast payments as a seller …. use eBay.

What happens if seller doesn’t ship item?

If the seller does not click “Ship”, the order status will show as “Awaiting Seller to Ship” until the indicated shipping time has passed. If the time lapses without the seller shipping the item, the order will automatically be canceled and the buyer will receive a full refund.

How long do sold items stay on Mercari?

You can delete your sold listings once the transaction has completed and 14 days after the last chat message has been sent. To delete a listing, first go to My Page > Selling > the item. Then, select Edit, scroll to the bottom of the Create Listing page, and tap Delete.

When I sell an item on Mercari Where does the money go?

When the buyer confirms they’ve received the item and you’ve both rated the transaction, the funds will be reflected in your balance. … Your balance can be used to purchase items on Mercari. Your balance can be deposited to your checking account by Direct Deposit. You can get paid in minutes with Instant Pay.

Are sellers protected on Mercari?

Mercari’s Shipping protection applies for prepaid labels as follows: all packages must be scanned by the shipping provider within 3 business days of the sale; and. the item is solely protected while in transit from seller’s location to buyer’s designated delivery address. seller does not modify the shipping label.

How do u get paid on Mercari?

Mercari offers payout to your checking account by ACH Direct Deposit. Or you can get paid in minutes with Instant Pay. We will keep you posted as other payout options become available.

Who pays shipping on Mercari?

Sellers will bear the full responsibility of all shipping costs associated with these items. Ship on your own is a good alternative if you need to ship something over 150 lbs, need to insure your item for more than $200 Mercari Shipping Protection, or the packaging is over the 45” size limit.

Who rates first on Mercari?

The seller asked me to rate early – Mercari: The Selling App. Please do not rate the seller before receiving the item. When the buyer rates the seller, the transaction is completed and the funds are released. Wait until you’ve received the item to rate so you can inspect it and confirm that it’s as described.

What happens if a buyer doesn’t rate you on Mercari?

After both the buyer and the seller have rated the transaction, payment for the transaction will be released to the seller. If the buyer does not rate the transaction within 3 days, an automatic rating will be issued for both the buyer and the seller and payment will be released to the seller.

Can I use flat rate boxes for Mercari?

Mercari shipping labels can’t be used on Priority Express or Flat Rate boxes. … You can reuse boxes and packing materials to ship USPS and FedEx packages.

Does Mercari use PayPal?

Mercari accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. You can also pay for all or part of your purchase using Mercari Credits or by directly applying your Balance to your purchases. Our credit card payment process requires your credit card number, expiration date, and the security code.

How many items can you list on Mercari?

There are no multi-quantity listings. You cannot combine shipping on two items.

What happens when someone returns on Mercari?

If the return is approved, we will provide the buyer with a prepaid and addressed shipping label to return the item to the seller. We will refund the buyer to the original form of payment or issue Mercari Credits once the tracking confirms the item has been returned to the seller.

What sells the most on Mercari?

Hot In July: What’s Selling On MercariWomen’s Handbags. Handbags are always top sellers on Mercari. … Women’s Shoes. Shoppers will be looking for easy to slip-on shoes for summer, like Vans sneakers or Birkenstock sandals.Women’s Athletic Apparel. … Formal Wear for Kids.Men’s Accessories. … Women’s Wallets. … Women’s Jewelry. … Computers & Laptops.More items…•