Quick Answer: What’S Another Word For Definitely?

What is another word for most definitely?

What is another word for most definitely?of coursecertainlyindeedclearlyobviouslyundoubtedlyyesindisputablyindubitablyby all means236 more rows.

When people say most definitely?

To Express Absolute Certainty A person may express absolute certainty by saying, “Most definitely.” When someone says, “Most definitely,” he or she wants to say that something is absolutely true.

Is it definately or definitely?

SPELLING definitely is a problem for many people – who insist on writing it “definately”. A survey revealed yesterday that it is the most common spelling blunder in the English language. Second place went to sacrilegious, often misspellt as sacreligious. Indict – often written wrongly as indite – was third.

What can I say instead of yes?

Yep and yeah are very common alternatives to yes, but are only used informally, among people you know well, and they might be frowned upon in formal settings, such as the workplace when you’re speaking to your boss.

What do definitely?

Definitely is an adverb that usually means certainly or without a doubt. … Definitely is also sometimes used as an adverb to describe an action as clearly defined or precise.

What’s another word for absolutely?

What is another word for absolutely?completelyentirelyfullyperfectlypositivelysurelytotallycategoricallycomprehensivelydecisively228 more rows

What is the difference between definitely and definitely?

Definitely and defiantly are both adverbs, but trust us: the similarities end there. You use definitely when you want to describe something clearly, unequivocally, or without a doubt. You use defiantly to describe something or someone that’s challenging or brazenly resistant to something.

What is the opposite word of absolutely?

Opposite of without a doubt. ambiguously. doubtfully. questionably. dubiously.

What is the opposite of sure?

sure(adj) certain not to fail. “a sure hand on the throttle” Antonyms: ambivalent, undependable, uncertain, untrusty, dubious, groping, untrustworthy, doubtful, unreliable, unsure, careless, false, unsteady, insecure, unsafe, incertain.

What is another word for sure?

Frequently Asked Questions About sure Some common synonyms of sure are certain, cocksure, and positive. While all these words mean “having no doubt or uncertainty,” sure usually stresses the subjective or intuitive feeling of assurance.

Does definitely mean yes?

Meaning of definitely – Learner’s Dictionary without any doubt: This book is definitely worth reading. “Do you want to come?” “Yes, definitely.” She’s definitely the right person for the job.

What is the definition of absolutely?

1 : in an absolute manner: such as. a : completely or totally absolutely certain an absolutely clear explanation —often used as an intensivean absolutely brilliant performancean absolutely awful experienceYou’re absolutely right.

What’s another word for amazing?

In this page you can discover 61 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for amazing, like: astonishing, incredible, astounding, marvelous, wondrous, fantastical, phenomenal, prodigious, stupendous, miraculous and unbelievable.

How do you use most definitely in a sentence?

“Most” is often used to emphasize “definitely.” Would you like to go to the movies? Most definitely. (Not a great example, but serviceable. As for “other mistakes,” the sentence has more serious problems.

What do most definitely mean?

In “most definitely”, the word “most” acts as an intensifier to “definitely”, which itself means “without any doubt; certainly”.

What is difference between definitely and certainly?

Use definitely to say that something is certain to happen or be true • I will definitely be back (NOT I will surely be back) by ten. Use certainly to emphasize that something is true • He certainly is (NOT surely is) a great cook.

Is most definitely proper English?

Is “most definitely” a proper English expression that can be used in formal writing? It most definitely is a proper English expression, one I use to affirm I am sure of my facts beyond any doubt. I would not however use it in formal writing, double affirmatives are not good form, use the correct single affirmative.

What does it mean to say sure instead of yes?

When you say sure you are telling them that it would be nice, but they don’t have to do it. When someone says yes you are basically commanding the person to go and get you a drink. Maybe this is just me, but that is the reason why I say “sure” instead of “yes”.