Quick Answer: Who Is Considered Immediate Family Member For FMLA?

Who is considered immediate family for FMLA?

Who is considered an immediate “family member,” under the Family and Medical Leave Act, for purposes of taking FMLA leave.

A: An employee’s spouse, children (son or daughter), and parents are immediate family members for purposes of FMLA.

The term “parent” does not include a parent “in-law”..

What family members does FMLA cover?

The FMLA allows leave for an eligible employee when the employee is needed to care for certain qualifying family members (child, spouse or parent) with a serious health condition. (The definition of son or daughter includes individuals for whom the employee stood or is standing “in loco parentis”.

Can you take intermittent FMLA for a family member?

Intermittent FMLA is available to employees when he or she has a serious health condition which prevents the employee from doing his or her job or for employees with family members requiring care for a serious health condition. Family members include spouse, child, and parent.

Is a pet considered immediate family?

I understand (certainly better than before) that, for many people, a pet can be a member of the family. But a pet isn’t human, and family leave laws don’t apply. … Additionally, the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and state counterparts do not allow employees to take time off to care for an ill or dying pet.