What Is The Legal Definition Of Reasonable?

How do you define reasonable?

1a : being in accordance with reason a reasonable theory.

b : not extreme or excessive reasonable requests.

c : moderate, fair a reasonable chance a reasonable price..

What is a reasonable time in law?

It is an accepted part of contract law that where a clause of a contract does not stipulate a time frame by which something is to be done, then it must be done within a reasonable time. … Following this approach, the rules of implying terms into a contract are seemingly invoked.

Legal standards are those standards that are set forth in governmental laws. … Legal standards are based on written law, while ethical standards are based on human rights and wrongs.

What is a reasonable test?

A reasonableness test is an auditing procedure that examines the validity of accounting information. For example, an auditor could compare a reported ending inventory balance to the amount of storage space in a company’s warehouse, to see if the reported amount of inventory could fit in there.

Behaviors that are illegal but are thought by many to be ethical include jaywalking, mixing food and paper waste, cheating taxes, spitting inside a city and driving over the speed limit.

Can a law be unethical?

Laws are codifications of certain ethical values meant to help regulate society, and also impact decision-making. … Many acts that would be widely condemned as unethical are not prohibited by law — lying or betraying the confidence of a friend, for example.

What is the reasonable man doctrine?

The reasonable man doctrine refers to a theory in which the behavior of an accused individual is compared to how a hypothetical person, or “reasonable man,” would respond to the same set of circumstances.

How can an offeree reject an offer?

First, the offeree can provide an express rejection. This can via mailing a letter, making a phone call, or sending an email. All that matters is that the offeror receives notification of the rejection. Second, an offeree can reject an offer by making a counteroffer.

What are the six basic principles of ethics?

What are the six basic principles of ethics? Autonomy, nonmeleficence, beneficence, justice, veracity, and confidentiality.

How do you determine reasonableness?

To be reasonable means to be as much as is appropriate or fair. In math, reasonableness can be defined as checking to verify that the result of the solution or the calculation of the problem is correct or not, be either estimating or by plugging in your result to check it.

What is the reasonable man test in law?

The reasonable person is a hypothetical person used as a legal standard to determine whether the conduct of the parties in a case was proper in the circumstances. … It is the standard of conduct adopted by persons of ordinary intelligence and prudence.

What is a reasonable time is a question of fact?

Rather, the factual question of what is a reasonable time is determined at the time that the right is “first capable of being exercised” (that is, when it accrues).

What Is time of the essence clause?

A Time is of the Essence clause may mean that one party to the contract must perform its contractual obligations at a specific date and time as required in order to compel performance by the other party to the contract. A failure to perform by the time specified will be a material breach of the contract.

What’s another word for reasonable?

What is another word for reasonable?sensiblerationalfairpracticalsoundequitablewisecommonsensicalcrediblejudicious85 more rows