Who Is Free Fire Best Character?

Is free fire safe?

Is Free Fire safe for my child to play.

We are committed to providing a positive, safe and enjoyable experience for all Free Fire players.

As stated in our Terms of Service, players who have not reached the age of majority (child/children) are required to seek parental consent before registering to play the game..

Who is the best character in Free Fire 2020?

Free Fire: 5 best characters in the game as of November 2020Hayato.Jota.DJ Alok.K (Captain Booyah)Jai.

Who is the No 1 character in free fire?

DJ Alok has to be the most famous character in the Free Fire community, and every player wants to get his hands on this Brazilian DJ. He has the active ability called Drop the Beat, which creates a 5m aura that increases his (and his teammates’) moving and sprinting speeds, and also restores HP (Health Points).

Which is the best character skill in free fire?

#2 Alok + Jota + Joseph + Kelly Drop the Beat creates an aura of 5m that restores 5HP for 10 seconds and increases the allies’ movement speed by 15%. Nutty Movement increases the moving and sprinting speed of players by 20% upon taking damage. Kelly’s ability, Dash, increases the speed of the users by 6%.

Who is king of free fire?

GT KingGT King has featured in 16202 squad games and stood victorious in 3268 of them, maintaining a win rate of 20.17%. With 45045 kills, he has a K/D ratio of 3.48. In the duo mode, the internet star has played 1651 matches and bagged 158 wins at a win rate of 9.56%. He has secured 2952 kills with a K/D ratio of 1.98.

Can we hack free fire diamond?

The players require diamonds to access all the items that upgrade your character and gameplay. The diamonds can be purchased from the Diamond section in the game. Sometimes few players attempt to hack the game for free diamonds, which is illegal. …

Can free fire be hacked?

Using this Website your device or Free Fire Account may get hacked. However, the choice is always yours. So, suggest you to follow authors tip. Note: This above article is an onerous method to hack the writer has just guided you and will not be Responsible for your Further losses future.

How can I get free diamonds in free fire?

Log in with your Free Fire ID and choose a mode of payment. Complete your payment and wait a few minutes before you log on to Free Fire. You will see your diamonds there. Players who have bought the Free Fire pass can also level up their passes for a total of 800 extra diamonds.